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Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Thu Feb 21 19:24:29 UTC 2008


> Modified page: http://wiki.horde.org/CustomizeApis
> New Revision:  1.3
> Change log:  wording tweak

I was reading through all these API pages recently and thinking how
can I use them in my own environment. I see a lot of potential there,
but I have one big problem.

In my case Horde is on the mail server and CMS/CRM/ERP tools are
on the web server. They are completely separate machines with
different IP addresses etc.

The question is: how one could use Horde APIs without Horde Registry
modifications or file inclusions? Would NFS help here?

For years I have used information from the Agora and Turba in our
Intranet front pages directly from MySQL (And I want even more of that
in the future). However it is a pain to adjust my code everytime
according to Horde changes. And I don't want to move everything to Horde
yet. Because I think you would agree with me that Horde is a great
Groupware, but not much of the CMS/CRM system though. Also I don't
want to move Horde to the web server for performance reasons.

Does anyone has such or similar a setup? If so what do they propose?

Best regards,

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