[horde] Horde framework for a large Web based project and more ...

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Fri Feb 22 19:30:26 UTC 2008


> We was thinking in how implement a new user interface (UI) for horde,
> more flexible like Joomla's templates, Drupal, Wordpress' themes, etc.,
> maybe the solutions it's start a CMS application detached from the
> actual template.

> This CMS can be supported by Horde_Block & Layout in essence to render the UI,
> the questions is how integrate this UI at View layer with the actuals
> applications: IMP, DIMP, Kronolith, Agora, Ansel, etc.,
> because remake the View layer for this applications it's very hard,
> maybe it's not neccesary, but I don't have you knowledge about horde
> to know now the feasibility of this idea.

> The end users (webmaster, developer team, etc.) consider the UI as a
> very important issue,
> so I think that this strategy could be very good to increase the
> popularity of Horde.

I must confess that the point about UI is very reasonable. Sometimes
I'm really having hard time explaining for not so savy users where
they can find particular feature or how to perform particular task.
DIMP went a long way by improving this, but other modules a still a
long way from perfect user friendly UI. I had even made some sckeches
somewhere long time ago. But never had a time (and courage) to start
suggesting those ideas. I have worked on dosen of local projects and
websites by polishing user friendliness, and if some big
project on UI rework will start, I would gladly provide my ideas for

Best regards,

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