[horde] Horde framework for a large Web based project and more ...

Elier Delgado elier.delgado at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 19:09:31 UTC 2008

> > Horde it's very good, maybe better, but I don't like see how other
> > frameworks and system grow very
> > much faster, adding many of the funcionalities that maybe I will need in
> > the future, and I will must
> > developt in Horde if finally I select them.
> >
> > What we can do to revert this situation, make Horde more accessible, more
> > interesting, most popular,
> > how to involve more user to develop for this.
> >
> > I'm very interesting in do this changes, because I like Horde very much,
> > but I want to know the opinion of the community,
> > maybe we can start a more flexible version for horde, oriented in this
> > way.
> Improving our marketing and documentation of Horde as a standalone
> framework is one of the major goals for Horde 4. We've got a good
> start with libraries like Routes (http://dev.horde.org/routes/), Rdo,
> etc. And we've been working with some large users of Horde to get more
> participation and to make sure we're working on the right things.
> So I generally agree with your assessment, but we are actively working
> on it, and I think Horde 4 is going to be very exciting in this regard.
> Best,
> -chuck

Hi Chuck,
how we can contribute with Horde 4 ?
where I can see their goals ?

We was thinking in how implement a new user interface (UI) for horde,
more flexible like Joomla's templates, Drupal, Wordpress' themes, etc.,
maybe the solutions it's start a CMS application detached from the
actual template.

This CMS can be supported by Horde_Block & Layout in essence to render the UI,
the questions is how integrate this UI at View layer with the actuals
applications: IMP, DIMP, Kronolith, Agora, Ansel, etc.,
because remake the View layer for this applications it's very hard,
maybe it's not neccesary, but I don't have you knowledge about horde
to know now the feasibility of this idea.

The end users (webmaster, developer team, etc.) consider the UI as a
very important issue,
so I think that this strategy could be very good to increase the
popularity of Horde.

I don't know if Horde 4 will considerate this things,
else I can work in this, but I will need your comments about the best
way in how do it.
I need this things to start my projects, and I have some friends
interesting too, including the developer team of our University.

We can help too translating from English to Spanish .. or writing in
Spanish, because
write in English it's very hard for us, we can start a manual or a
book in MS Word, later other
people can translate to English and later other people can check it
and continues adding contents.

Please, let me know.

Regards, Elier

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