[horde] Recipient AutoComplete featurs

horde at top-consulting.net horde at top-consulting.net
Tue Mar 18 19:59:08 UTC 2008

I have a small weird issue. My recipients won't auto-expand from my  
Favourites addressbook. It auto-expands properly with names from the  
main address book though. After sending, the recipient is added to the  
Favourites addressbook.

Using components:
Mail (imp)  H3 (4.2-RC2)
Address Book (turba)  H3 (2.2-RC3)
Horde (horde)  3.2-RC2

Here are some relevant configurations from imp/config/prefs.php

$_prefs['save_recipients'] = array(
     'value' => 1,
     'locked' => false,
     'shared' => false,
     'type' => 'checkbox',
     'desc' => _("Save recipients automatically to the default address  

$_prefs['search_sources'] = array(
     'value' => "localsql\tfavourites",
     'locked' => false,
     'shared' => true,
     'type' => 'implicit');

$_prefs['search_fields'] = array(
     'value' =>  
     'locked' => false,
     'shared' => true,
     'type' => 'implicit');

$_prefs['add_source'] = array(
     'value' => 'favourites',
//  'value' => 'localsql',
     'locked' => false,
     'shared' => true,
     'type' => 'implicit'

Anyone knows what I'm doing wrong ?

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