[horde] removing old user data

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Fri Jan 9 10:08:42 UTC 2009

Zitat von LALOT Dominique <dom.lalot at gmail.com>:

>>> Have you a sample for the API? I'll put it in the howto
>> horde/lib/api.php: removeUserData, callable through all API accessors
>> (registry, rpc, etc).
> Jan,
> I'd like to compare data from an ldap server and old data in horde. Is
> there an api to say: list all users in database (independent from auth
> driver which will only list valid users) or what SQL table should I
> use to do that?

No API, if you don't have an authentication driver that supports  
listing of users. But you can query the preference backend for a list  
of users that have logged in at least once.


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