[horde] Extending userList capabilities when using IMP authentication

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Feb 24 11:11:55 UTC 2009

Zitat von Thibault Le Meur <Thibault.LeMeur at supelec.fr>:

> Hi again,
> Now here's the second part of my problem.
> * I've got a working Horde(3.2.1)/Imp(4.2) server and I recently  
> extended it with Kronolith(2.2).
> * I've got several internal email servers and am using IMP as the  
> Horde authentication application.
> * I've implemented a _horde_hook_preauthenticate function that  
> automatically sets the server name from an external database. Then,  
> I've set up IMP>Server with the 'show servers' option set to 'None'  
> (or 'Hidden').
> So far everything works as expected:
> * the user can log in to Horde with a simple username/password and  
> the email server is automatically selected by the hook
> * the user can remotely access his Kronolith Calendar with WebDAV  
> access (with a simple username/password)
> However I encounter a  problem when trying to set permissions to a  
> Calendar:  I can't define individual user's permissions because the  
> select box that should list users is empty. Note that, before the  
> _horde_hook_preauthenticate was implemented, I was able to list the  
> users defined on the same IMAP server (which was not optimal, but  
> was at least working).
> I think this is a limitation of the Authentication backend I'm  
> using: IMP + _horde_hook_preauthenticate
> I've searched the list and found this thread:
> http://marc.info/?l=horde&m=112211750913271&w=2
> The answer Jan gave at that time was:
> <quote>
> You don't need a hook. This is one of the purposes of the composite
> driver. See http://wiki.horde.org/AuthCompositeHowTo
> </quote>
> Can anyone elaborate a little more ?
> I understand that I should define 2 possible authentication backends,
> and then switch from one or another with the composite backend.
> How would I use my second auth backend with userList capabilities in the
> 'Share permissions' context ?
> The composite authentication setup has an example with an 'admin'  
> module that uses another backend:
> $conf['auth']['params']['admin_driver'] = 'corporate_sql';
> Is there another configuration parameter such as  
> "$conf['auth']['params']['XXX']" that could be used to bind a new  
> auth driver for Share/Permissions ?

That's the administration driver is for. It's this driver's job to  
list users. The authentication driver does, well, authentication.


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