[horde] Kronolith : How can I get rid of shared diary ?

Gerard Breiner gerard.breiner at ias.u-psud.fr
Fri Feb 27 10:24:15 UTC 2009

Michael Rubinsky a écrit :
> Quoting Gerard Breiner <gerard.breiner at ias.u-psud.fr>:
>> Nevertheless the fact that "removeUserData" is limited  in its use is 
>> a very good information. In fact, it has absolutely no effect  on 
>>  horde_datatree table.
> That's not true...and if it is, then it's a bug.
Therefore it's a bug for I tried it again with the code below and there 
is in no change in horde_datatree table:
My horde platform is :  Horde: 3.2.2-cvs framework_3

For reminder :
Data in $datatree are all user_uid of horde_datatree table .
Data in $valides are all LDAP users
foreach ($datatree as $val2) {
    if (!in_array($val2,$valides)){
            echo "Not Found $val2 in horde_datatree table \n";
            $registry->call('calendars/removeUserData', $user);
> So you are saying that:
> 1) You are using the datatree driver for permissions and shares.
> 2) You called 'calendars/removeUserData'
> 3) in the datatree, there is still an entry for the user's default 
> calendar (the one named after the username)? It would be normal for 
> additional shares that the user created to remain - to avoid 
> inadvertently dropping a shared calendar that other users are still 
> using.
Yes it is.
>> So,  a way for clearing horde_datatree  is a SQL request :
>> [CODE]
>> foreach ($uid as $val) {
>>     if (!in_array($val,$valides)){
>>         echo "Not Found $val in horde_datatree table\n";
>>         $db->query("DELETE FROM horde_datatree where user_uid = 
>> '$val2'");    }
>> }
>> [/CODE]
> If you do the SQL statements manually, you want to be sure that you 
> also delete entries in horde_datatree_attributes table as well....
> Thanks,
> mike

Yes, I'll do.
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Thanks indeed Mike


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