[horde] sync help

Rudy Garbalosa rgarbalosa at pjpii.org
Wed Apr 29 13:42:20 UTC 2009

Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> Zitat von Rudy Garbalosa <rgarbalosa at pjpii.org>:
>> Hello,
>> We have been working on being able to sync horde with mobile phones  
>> and outlook.  It works like a charm in outlook however we are  
>> having difficulty with our mobile devices.  We are trying to sync  
>> with the funambol client and we get the following message:
>> DEBUG:  Backend of class SyncML_Backend_Horde created
>> DEBUG:  Started at 2009-04-22 20:21:43. Packet logged in  
>> /tmp/sync/client_220.xml
>> DEBUG:  New session created: e4c483079fd5120089f98630defd516e
>> DEBUG:  Checking authentication for user rgarbalosa
>> DEBUG:  Authenticated: yes; version: 1.2; message ID: 1; source  
>> URI: fbb-601894621; target URI:  
>> http://mail.pjpii.org/horde/rpc.php; user: rgarbalosa; charset:  
>> UTF-8; wbxml: no
>> DEBUG:  SQL Query by SyncML_Backend_Horde::readSyncAnchors():  
>> SELECT syncml_clientanchor, syncml_serveranchor FROM  
>> horde_syncml_anchors WHERE syncml_syncpartner = ? AND syncml_db = ?  
>> AND syncml_uid = ?, values: fbb-601894621, contacts, rgarbalosa
>> DEBUG:  No info about previous syncs found for device fbb-601894621  
>> and database card
>> DEBUG:  Creating SyncML_Sync object for database card; sync type 201
>> DEBUG:  Received <Final> from client.
>> DEBUG:  Handle <Final> for state Init
>> DEBUG:  Sending <Final> to client
>> DEBUG:  Return message completed
>> DEBUG:  Finished at 2009-04-22 20:21:43. Packet logged in  
>> /tmp/sync/server_220.xml
>> The only difference I have noted from the outlook log message is  
>> the portion that states:
>> No info about previous syncs found for device ...
>> All the other lines look the same.  We have tried syncing with my  
>> funambol at it works well.  Is there something I am missing or can  
>> check.  We are using the latest release of the horde webmail.
>> Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks
> There are a few edge cases that have been fixed since the last  
> release (at least I tried to, but didn't get any feedback from  
> affected users). Try the latest release candidate.
> Jan.
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Thanks Jan.

I reverted to version 6.6 of Funambol and everything is working well  
as of now.  Both the blackberry and Blackjack are syncing fine as of  

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