[horde] Setup Problem malformed sql request

Carlos Bergero rak at fcien.edu.uy
Sun May 3 19:47:11 UTC 2009

mtecles at biof.ufrj.br escribió:
> Carlos,
> Some questions:
> 1. Is this a new installation or an upgrade from previous Horde version?
> (I thought it was a new installation, but from your new mail I think 
> it is an upgrade.)
This is a fresh install, i had a previous horde/IMP install but it is in 
a diferent server, just to mention that it was working.
> 2. Where you using horde-webmail or Horde/IMP? One can use different 
> versions of IMP with Horde, but on horde-webmail they come together. 
> Anyway, upgrades are painfull. I have just upgraded for Horde 
> 3.1.5/IMP 4.1.5 to Horde 3.3.3/IMP 4.3.4. I have been using Horde/Imp 
> for a long time and, as long as it is possible, I will keep upgrading 
> them form the Horde and Imp separeted distribution, not horde-webmail.
> The problem you described is typical from an upgrade, where some step 
> is missing .
Im using Horde egroupware webmail, when I install it, and run the 
./scripts/setup.php it auto configure to use imp as authentication front 
end, I manage to fix the problems I had when showing the server list.

After checking and rechecking everything things are really confusing 
since I have a web front end working  no log errors in the horde.log, 
nor in the syslog, when I log in with a user I can see the log in 
session in the system logs as successful but the web dump me back to the 
log in page. Which is really confusing, is that the sql error stop, and 
though I rise the log level i get no error anywhere.

In some moment i thought the problem could be my mail service, but the 
previous system is still working so the new one should also work, in any 
case is a Postfix mailserver with cyrus IMAP with a pgsql authentication 
back end. To which I can log from anything so far without trouble.

> 3. If you are upgrading, can you put the old version running?
> Mauricio
> Citando Carlos Bergero <rak at fcien.edu.uy>:
>> Mauricio:
>>                Thx for your advice, I did as you say, except for 
>> removing the debian packages, which shuldn't be an issue, but I'm 
>> still having problems. First off all I can't login as administrator 
>> or any user for that matter, like in the previous install I have a 
>> successfull login in the syslog files, but the horde dump me to the 
>> login screen back, this time I see no errors from sql which makes me 
>> believe that problem might be located in the way users are handle, 
>> the mail site is a virtual domain site with several virtual domains 
>> 5, base on cyrus postgres and postfix. Right now I can't manage to 
>> show the server drop down menu, in the IMP configuration file, so I'm 
>> not sure if I manage to do that I might get a log in. Probably not.
>>                In any case is kinda frustrating, I ended up in the 
>> same corner while using the tar files from the horde site, I 
>> downloaded the horde-webmail-1.2.2.tar.gz file.
>>                Thx,
>>                         Carlos Bergero

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