[horde] Setup Problem malformed sql request

Michael Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Sun May 3 20:49:05 UTC 2009

Quoting Carlos Bergero <rak at fcien.edu.uy>:

> mtecles at biof.ufrj.br escribió:
>> Carlos,
>> Some questions:
>> 1. Is this a new installation or an upgrade from previous Horde version?
>> (I thought it was a new installation, but from your new mail I  
>> think it is an upgrade.)
> This is a fresh install, i had a previous horde/IMP install but it  
> is in a diferent server, just to mention that it was working.
>> 2. Where you using horde-webmail or Horde/IMP? One can use  
>> different versions of IMP with Horde, but on horde-webmail they  
>> come together. Anyway, upgrades are painfull. I have just upgraded  
>> for Horde 3.1.5/IMP 4.1.5 to Horde 3.3.3/IMP 4.3.4. I have been  
>> using Horde/Imp for a long time and, as long as it is possible, I  
>> will keep upgrading them form the Horde and Imp separeted  
>> distribution, not horde-webmail.
>> The problem you described is typical from an upgrade, where some  
>> step is missing .
> Im using Horde egroupware webmail, when I install it, and run the  
> ./scripts/setup.php it auto configure to use imp as authentication  
> front end, I manage to fix the problems I had when showing the  
> server list.
> After checking and rechecking everything things are really confusing  
> since I have a web front end working  no log errors in the  
> horde.log, nor in the syslog, when I log in with a user I can see  
> the log in session in the system logs as successful but the web dump  
> me back to the log in page.



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