[horde] Filtering caregories during sync

Kliakhandler Kosta public at kosta.tk
Mon May 4 20:50:23 UTC 2009


I sync horde with a Nokia E71 phone. 

The phone does not natively support categories, but there are some applications which add support for categories (Namely pockettorch aquacalendar and sbsh ). The problem with these, however, is that they add the categories in a very weird way (Assuming the problem is with them and not with Horde). Some categories are synced as X-Category. Yet others are synced as CATEGORY. I have not found any regularity in this yet, except that the categories are always synced the same way, in all applications. 

I would like to request a feature, or to write it myself even - if I will manage it - to add an option in the preferences to sterilize categories, which would make sure they are fixed if they are sent broken. 

How hard would such a project be? Where should I start looking? 


Kliakhandler Kosta

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