[horde] Filtering caregories during sync

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu May 7 15:40:24 UTC 2009

Zitat von Kliakhandler Kosta <public at kosta.tk>:

>  Hello,
> I sync horde with a Nokia E71 phone.
> The phone does not natively support categories, but there are some  
> applications which add support for categories (Namely pockettorch  
> aquacalendar and sbsh ). The problem with these, however, is that  
> they add the categories in a very weird way (Assuming the problem is  
> with them and not with Horde). Some categories are synced as  
> X-Category. Yet others are synced as CATEGORY. I have not found any  
> regularity in this yet, except that the categories are always synced  
> the same way, in all applications.
> I would like to request a feature, or to write it myself even - if I  
> will manage it - to add an option in the preferences to sterilize  
> categories, which would make sure they are fixed if they are sent  
> broken.
> How hard would such a project be? Where should I start looking?

Do you mean like in bug #6849?


Do you need professional PHP or Horde consulting?

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