[horde] Upgrading Horde

mtecles at biof.ufrj.br mtecles at biof.ufrj.br
Wed May 6 23:27:06 UTC 2009

I have just upgraded from

Horde 3.1.5
IMP H3 4.1.5
Ingo H3 1.1.4
Turba H3 2.1.5


Horde 3.3.3
IMP H3 4.3.4
Ingo H3 1.2.1
Turba H3 2.3.1

So, an adivise: whatever Horde webmail or individual upgrades, do it  
on a test machine. Both of them mean upgrading. Take note of every  
step you do (I mean it!), use some text editor.

Backup your database (mysqldump, mysqladmin or alike) and horde  
directory (tar) and reproduce them on the test machine. You will have  
to do gradual upgrades, so read carefully every ~/docs/UPGRADING file  
and follow every step (some migth be tricky). Read one upgrading file  
at a time, corresponding to the upgrade you will do. Take a look at  
~/docs/INSTALL too, just for fun. Some upgrades will need the  
corresponding conf.php and new pear "modules". If you have problems,  
don´t forget: take note. Once the problem solved you can reproduce it  
when doing it for real.

Your installation is very much alike the one I had, just minor  
different versions. So, I think you could follow the same steps.

I will sent you those steps as soon as I translate my notes into  
English. Meanwhile download Horde 3.2.1, Imp 4.2, Ingo 1.2, Ingo  
1.2.1, Turba 2.2.1, Turba 2.3.1, Horde 3.3, Horde 3.3.2, Imp 4.3.2,  
Horde 3.3.3, Imp 4.3.4. Also download upgrades of your other Horde  
applications. Reading ~/docs/UPGRADE from most recent stable  
distribution you will find out which intermediate versions you will  

I didn´t have kronolith, mnemo, gollem, nag installed, so I can´t help  
on those. After my upgrade I installed latest stable kronolith, mnemo  
and mimp.

Mimp 1.1.1 is easy to instal and may be usefull for your users.


> Hi,
> Currently, we are using following modules and looking for some expert
> advise.
> Horde --> 3.1.7
> Gollem --> 1.0.3
> Imp --> 4.1.6
> Kronolith --> 2.1.8
> Mnemo --> 2.1.2
> Nag --> 2.1.4
> Turba --> 2.1.7
> We are looking forward to upgrade to either horde webmail or upgrading
> individual modules to latest stable release and I'm not sure which route
> to follow.
> Please respond with your suggestions.
> Also, we have modified existing source to according to our needs and I
> noticed in new modules that some new files been added and some files are
> gone and not sure if I would be able to modify new modules with the
> changes we had before.
> Thanks,
> Hasan


Mauricio J. T. Tecles
Instituto de Biofisica C. C. F. - UFRJ
mtecles at biof.ufrj.br
Tel.: (21) 2562-6544

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