[horde] Authentication on Red Hat style systems

Ken Smith kens at kensnet.org
Sat Sep 19 11:26:20 UTC 2009

Hi, new to this list. I've just set up a Horde test system using the 
rpm's available through their yum repository. So far so good.

I'd appreciate hearing from other Horde users on RedHat style systems 
(RHEL, Centos or Fedora) as to which option they have used for Horde 
authentication. The module for php/pam seems to be 
deprecated/unavailable, obviously /etc/passwd won't work as the 
passwords are in /etc/shadow, I've tried sasl and I haven't quite 
finished that test. I know I could use .htpasswd or IMAP (& others), but 
my IMAP server is on another machine. I'd like to try to get auth 
working locally, if possible using pam/sasl or some method that links 
the Horde login credentials to those for the users shell. So that if the 
IMAP server is down/inaccessible then its only that service that is broken.

I've seen the various howto's on the wiki for Centos4 & Fedora (2 I 
think it was) but the details become scarce when it comes to auth 
configuration. The mailing list hasn't discussed this issue for RedHat 
derived systems recently.

Suggestions most welcome.

Many thanks


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