[horde] Horde categories and vCard

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Sep 28 09:54:21 UTC 2009

Zitat von Art <art2crazy at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> My setup is:
> Horde 3.3.5
> Turba 2.3.2
> First thanks guys for an excellent product; the more I use it the  
> better it gets!
> One of the problems I'm having is with horde categories and vCard.  
> Category filed in turba/config/attributes.php is set up as follows:
> $attributes['category'] = array(
>      'label' => _("Category"),
>      'type' => 'category',
>      'params' => array(),
>      'required' => false
> );
> When I export my test address book to vCard everything is OK, but  
> when I try to import it back, category is cut to the first letter  
> and horde is treating it as new category.
> Ex: if category in vCard is "CATEGORIES:Self" it will be imported as "S"
> I first noticed it during sync with my Pocket PC, but I tested it  
> with just a regular import/export from turba and it's as I described  
> above. When I change the type to text in attributes file, horde  
> imports it correctly.
> So, I guess the question is if this is a known bug/somebody can  
> confirm or if not how can I trace is it, and maybe you can tell me  
> which file/function is responsible for matching horde categories?

The mapping between vCard properties and Turba attributes happens in  
the toHash() method in turba/lib/Driver.php.


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