[horde] Password expiration warnings

Gustavo Schroeder gutosch at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 16:49:24 UTC 2009


I'm using Horde 3, IMP 4 and passwd-h3-3.0.1 module. The one and only
password interface that our user base has is through IMP's passwd
The current configuration is using the smbldap driver and I'm planning
to implement the openldap ppolicy overlay configuration to enforce a
strong password policy.
Suppose I got ppolicy overlay up and running and pwdMaxAge=10368000
(120 days) and as I've been googling around pam_ldap has the ability
to provide user warnings about password expiration.
My question is, will the passwd module provide password expiration
warnings to the end user?
How will the user get warned when his/her password is about to expire?
Is this treatment handled by passwd module?


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