[horde] Trouble with IMP 4.3.4 and S/MIME encrypted messages

Michael Menge michael.menge at zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Oct 7 14:56:47 UTC 2009


Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> http://wiki.horde.org/FAQ/Admin/Troubleshoot#wsod
> Zitat von Bill Day <williamson.day at gmail.com>:
>> Just a quick follow up.  It appears that the problem arises when I am using
>> Outlook to send a message from work and click the buttons for both signature
>> and encryption.  Either one alone works, but not both together. (Both
>> together does not bother Thunderbird, however, which properly decrypts the
>> message.)  So I guess that I have solved my immediate problem, but it does
>> seem curious.
>> On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 3:12 PM, Bill Day <williamson.day at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Upon receiving and attempting to open an S/MIME encrypted email message, my
>>> browser attempts to download "message.php" rather than decrypting and
>>> opening the mail message. Signed messages do not seem to pose any problem;
>>> they are properly verified.
>>> My horde.log does not show anything other than login attempts.  An excerpt
>>> from my apache access.log is quoted below.
>>> Any suggestions for further troubleshooting or solutions would be much
>>> appreciated.

i was able to reproduce the problem with Outlook and OutlookExpress
by singning and encrypting an eMail and reading it with imp.

As i could not find any errors in any logfiles i added some debugloggin in
horde and imp. These debuging output indicates that there is a recursion
in horde/lib/Horde/MIME/Contents.php buildMessagePart which does not
exit. I guess after about 256 calls the script is stopped because of
execution time or memory limits.

Viewing an encrypted and singend message created by IMP or thunderbird,
buildMessagePart will only be called about 4-5 times.


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