[horde] imp-subfolders unseen emails

Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
Fri Feb 19 08:12:14 UTC 2010


Tudor Razvan Gabriel schrieb:
> Greetings,
> Been trying for the last 2 days to show the unread emails from an
> IMAP-Folder and I'm unable to do so, can you please point me to some
> useful info?
could you pls specify what exacly is happening?

Horde e.g. has the functionality to fade in/fade out IMAP folders. If
you fade in a folder which you couldnt read before then you should able
to read the mails in it..

> I'm using:
>  Horde 3.1.9
>  IMP H3 (4.1.6)
> Thank you!

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