[horde] imp-subfolders unseen emails

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Fri Feb 19 07:00:15 UTC 2010

...are you (may be) at the "other end" of your inbox email list?

Some users (which are still using a imap account with other mail clients and still have some more mails in it) might be confused if they see only some of the oldest emails while most email clients shows the newest mails first in the inbox list by default. Clicking "page forward" bring's them to the newest mails.

Another option should be to use the "sort" function by clicking on the head of the date row (or twice).

May be this behaviour is changable globally by a config switch anywhere to a more typical behaviour....

If im completely wrong here with my intention (i.e. you mean problems on the imap layer etc.), you may describe in a bit more detail what you are doing and what your problem is.

Best regards,

Niels Dettenbach

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Betreff: [horde] imp-subfolders unseen emails
Von: Tudor Razvan Gabriel <razvan.tudor at fxmedia.ro>
Datum: 19.02.2010 07:50


Been trying for the last 2 days to show the unread emails from an  
IMAP-Folder and I'm unable to do so, can you please point me to some  
useful info?

I'm using:
  Horde 3.1.9
  IMP H3 (4.1.6)

Thank you!

Tudor Razvan Gabriel

Timisoara, Timis, Romania

Mobile: 004 0745 508 578
Email: razvan.tudor at fxmedia.ro

WWW.FXMEDIA.RO  - Think ahead the future!

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