[horde] datatree affecting performance

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Mon Feb 22 12:31:40 UTC 2010

Zitat von samer khalil <samerk at aub.edu.lb>:

> Hi,
> We're using  (horde) 3.3.6, (imp) H3 (4.3.6),  (turba) H3 (2.3.3) and
> (kronolith) H3 (2.3.3) with Oracle 10G as backend database.
> Enabling Datatree in causing huge performance degradation on the
> Database server. Load on the apache/php server remains quite
> acceptable.
> The load starts when simultaneous logged in users reaches 1200 and
> becomes nonfunctional  when this number exceeds 1500.
> Is there a way to tune datatree for large environment without having
> to disable shares?

Taken from horde/docs/PERFORMANCE :

Application tuning

* Horde 3.2+ and some applications have better performing drivers for Groups,
   Permissions and Shares than the original DataTree drivers. If you upgraded
   from older Horde versions, you can change the driver for those systems to
   "SQL" in the Horde configuration interface. You also have to run the
   according ``convert_datatree_*.php`` scripts in ``horde/scripts/upgrades/``
   and the applications' ``scripts/upgrades/`` directories.

But be aware that for older releases the SQL driver where considered  
as "not as thouroughly tested as datatree", whatever that means.
You should also read the rest of this file if you handle some non  
trivial workload.


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