[horde] Which SyncML linux client for Horde?

Tim Watts tw at dionic.net
Thu Feb 25 13:47:43 UTC 2010

Robert Schetterer wrote:
> Am 25.02.2010 11:52, schrieb Tim Watts:
>> Hi,
>> I'm running Horde 3.3 and all the apps of that time (kronolith, turba etc).
>> Looking to buy a new mobile, a Motorola A1200 Ming which supports SyncML .
> i did small tests with the ming syncml and horde and it worked,
> but as far i remebered i had to look supporting sires for the right entries
>> First question - anyone had any luck getting a SyncML enabled phone to
>> sync with Horde?
> mostly cell phones with syncml cleints should work , but often the setup
> is behind wrong descriptions , read carefully the manuals of the cell
> phones, sometimes branding makes it hard to find
>> Second question - Sunbird will talk to my Horde (kronolith) setup just
>> fine. Hoever, I cannot find any other sync tools that will (looked at
>> multisync, opensync, syncevolution). Any suggestions for generic
>> connector software that will allow Horder to be sync'd to a variety of
>> other things?
> you can use Funambol plugins for thunderbird ( tested the 2.x branch )
> and/or Outlook should work syncml
>> Cheers
>> Tim

Hello Robert,

Thanks for that. I'll be ordering an A1200 from Hong Kong soon - so 
hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll try it out.



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