[horde] How to find turba syncml subscription URL?

Michael J. Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Tue Mar 16 23:55:35 UTC 2010

Quoting Tim Watts <tw at dionic.net>:

> On 16/03/2010 22:33, Michael J. Rubinsky wrote:
>> Quoting Tim Watts <tw at dionic.net>:
>>> Hi,
>>> Just got a recon iPhone and managed with little effort to subsribe  
>>> to several calendars using the Synthesis SyncML fre addon. Works  
>>> beautifully - good show chaps!
>>> However, wheras kronolith will show me the SyncML URL in Manage  
>>> Calendars, Turba won't.
>>> How do I dertermine the URL to feed the iPhone for each (or at  
>>> least one) of my address books?
>> Not familiar with the iPhone syncml client, but generally, the url  
>> to feed to syncml clients would be the path to rpc.php -  
>> http://example.com/horde/rpc.php
>> Then you would tell syncml which databases to sync. For turba, that  
>> would be 'contacts' and for kronolith it would be 'calendar'.
> Hmm. I was looking more for something like:
> https://diary.dionic.net/rpc.php/kronolith/tw/b79cdf6f835170e1bfc7da5750f37e18.ics
> Which is a real one from my setup.

That is an icalendar subscription url, not syncml...

> So far, all I've managed with contacts is to export a VCARD dump,  
> email that to myself and do a merge on the iPhone. That works very  
> well, but not as cool as proper 2 way sync.

...and this is also more or less what you are doing with the iCalendar  
url, it just happens automatically. It doesn't "sync", it replaces the  
entire calendar. For true syncing, you should use a true syncml client.


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