[horde] How to find turba syncml subscription URL?

Tim Watts tw at dionic.net
Tue Mar 16 23:39:43 UTC 2010

On 16/03/2010 22:33, Michael J. Rubinsky wrote:
> Quoting Tim Watts <tw at dionic.net>:
>> Hi,
>> Just got a recon iPhone and managed with little effort to subsribe to 
>> several calendars using the Synthesis SyncML fre addon. Works 
>> beautifully - good show chaps!
>> However, wheras kronolith will show me the SyncML URL in Manage 
>> Calendars, Turba won't.
>> How do I dertermine the URL to feed the iPhone for each (or at least 
>> one) of my address books?
> Not familiar with the iPhone syncml client, but generally, the url to 
> feed to syncml clients would be the path to rpc.php - 
> http://example.com/horde/rpc.php
> Then you would tell syncml which databases to sync. For turba, that 
> would be 'contacts' and for kronolith it would be 'calendar'.

Hmm. I was looking more for something like:


Which is a real one from my setup.

If I email that to myself and click the URL on the iPhone (with 
Synthesis installed), it asks me to verify the SSL cert, then asks for a 
username and password. After that, it becomes an automagic persistent 
seperate calendar with full (AFAICT) synchronisation - very cool.

I've read all the SyncML docs I can find, and they do mention the same 
sort of technique you do, but I can't seem to get it to behave.

So far, all I've managed with contacts is to export a VCARD dump, email 
that to myself and do a merge on the iPhone. That works very well, but 
not as cool as proper 2 way sync.



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