[horde] Question about IMAP/TLS

Nybbles2Byte nybbles2byte at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 13:27:29 UTC 2010


My server now requires an encrypted imap connection.  It works fine with several email clients but not with horde.

I changed the config line from:
	$conf['auth']['params']['dsn'] = '{localhost:143/imap/notls}'; (working before the encryption requirement)
	$conf['auth']['params']['dsn'] = '{localhost:993/imap/tls}';
which matches my email client settings but I still can't log in. 

According to my email client the server uses (which is cyrus-imap):
	MD-5 CRAM-HMAC Challenge/Response (RFC-2095)

Does anyone have any ideas about what you need to do to make this work?

Many thanks!

Nybbles2Byte                          mailto:nybbles2byte at gmail.com

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