[horde] Turba question + notes for everyone on updagrading to 5.3

Nybbles2Byte nybbles2byte at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 07:27:03 UTC 2010

Hello Horde,

I recently upgraded to php 5.3.

As expected I got a ton of deprecated warnings but that's fine since I am a programmer. For anyone who wants to do the same you will get rid of 95% or more of the errors with the following 3 steps:

at the top of index.php and login.php -- not ideal but will do for the short term. This will knock out all the time function warnings.

Do a search and replace changing:
	'= &new ' to '= new '
	'=& new ' to '= new '

These two will knock out all the 'new by reference' warnings.

And what's left is a small enough quantity of errors to do on case by case basis reasonably quickly which means using the '@' symbol to suppress the warnings.

However once that was all done I had one warning left I suspect it is a turba coding error but I want to ask "those in the know" since I am anything but an expert on horde. So, here it goes...

horde/turba/lib/Driver/favourites.php -> function _getAddressBook() on line 123 there is this line:

  $addresses = $registry->call('contacts/favouriteRecipients', $this->_params['limit']);

where $this->_params['limit'] is the integer 10 which seems to be picked up from sources.php

That is from here:
	cfgSources['favourites'] = array(
	    'title' => _("Favourite Recipients"),
	    'type' => 'favourites',
	    'params' => array(
	        'limit' => 10
it calls: horde/lib/Horde/Registry.php -> function call($method, $args = array())
which as you can see is expecting at array of $args but args as we know is the integer 10.
it has this call: 
	return $this->callByPackage($app, $call, $args);
which as you can see calls:
horde/lib/Horde/Registry.php -> function callByPackage($app, $call, $args = array())
In this function on line 630 is this line of code:
	$res = call_user_func_array($function, $args);

which is expecting $args to be an array and gives the warning "expecting array as the 2nd parameter".

This I think is a bug that for some reason wasn't giving an error in previous versions of php which might be to do with error_reporting(0) being all throughout horde. I say this because for some reason error_reporting(0) won't necessarily stop warnings in php 5.3 which I believe has been reported as a bug to the php team -- there might be some irony in there somewhere.

My questions are three-fold, does any with some knowledge of horde/turba know if this looks like a bug to them? And, whether a bug or not, for the short term I need to get rid of it so do you know which would be better, this:

  $addresses = $registry->call('contacts/favouriteRecipients', array($this->_params['limit']));
  $addresses = $registry->call('contacts/favouriteRecipients', $this->_params);
	(personally I think this one is more likely correct)

or something else as an immediate fix while waiting for the turba guys to resolve it?

And last, if you agree it's a bug do you know where to report it? as I am guessing the forums aren't the place.

Nybbles2Byte                          mailto:nybbles2byte at gmail.com

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