[horde] constraint violation errors

Steve Devine sd at msu.edu
Sat Mar 20 13:47:51 UTC 2010

We recently had a database hiccup and as a result had to switch over  
to our backup db - this db was supposedly in sync with the master and  
for the most part is was, however we are getting lots of errors in our  
horde logs like this:

DB Error: constraint violation: INSERT INTO imp_sentmail (sentmail_id,  
sentmail_who, sentmail_ts, sentmail_messageid, sentmail_action,  
sentmail_recipient, sentmail_success) VALUES (30932373, 'xxx',  
1269058002, '<20100320000642.11831989pjmi5fwy at mail.msu.edu>', 'reply',  
'xxxx at yahoo.com', 1) [nativecode=1062 ** Duplicate entry '30932373'  
for key 1] [pid 29912 on line 85 of  

I also see similar errors for the table horde_histories. Investigation  
reveals that the number in imp_sentmail_seq is about 3k less than the  
highest number for imp_sentmail.sentmail_id. The same disparity exists  
in the relationship between horde_histories_seq and horde_histories.

So my inclination is to reset the number in imp_sentmail_seq
to a value slightly higher than the highest current value of  
sentmail_id ... does this seem like a reasonable solution? Has anyone  
else seen this?


Steve Devine
Email & Storage
Academic Technology Services
Michigan State University

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