[horde] still unable to assign an assignee

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Thu Mar 25 07:50:26 UTC 2010

> >> after my problem last week, I changed the authentication backend to
> >> mysql, as proposed by Vilius.
> >> Now I am able to add users via admin/user.php. I have added some users,
> >> I get logged into my IMAP account if I use the same password, so
> >> everything is nice.
> >>
> >> But: I still can assign a new task only to myself. (or to the user who
> >> owns the tasklist).
> >>
> >> what am I doing wrong now?
> >
> >Have you added view/edit permissions for desired users the tasklist?
> Yes. I have 2 users.
> one has his own tasklist and a "testlist", the other has only his own
> tasklist.
> all lists have permission show/read/edit for all authenticated users.
> User1 is able to create a new task in user2's taks list. But I can only
> assign the owner of the task list as assignee.

That's strange. I just tested here at my installation and it works as expected. I guess you need to debug the problem at code level.


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