[horde] How to do SMTP Authentication with horde groupware webmail

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Sun Aug 15 07:10:57 UTC 2010

Dear Suhag,

i'm just wondering if you really want to detect "spam" in mails sent by your users / over your webmail system. This sounds very unusual for different reasons.

Typically you configure within your MTA/MDA<->spamfilter couple which mails are treated by your spam filter and which not. Many solutions are configured by default to not treat any mail from "localhost" and/or authenticated smtp connections. This means the correct way/point to configure this should be your MDA or spamfilter (depending from the solution and combination do you use) but not in your MUA horde.

In Horde IMP you can configure within the web administration GUI if horde should call the "sendmail" (or sendmail compatible) program by shell or send mail by SMTP (with or without Auth). If you have horde only on that system you may can avoid smtp auth (typically most MTAs accept unauthenticated SMTP from/to localhost).

One option is to use a single "special" smtp account (i.e. you name that user "smtplocal") in Auth for each SMTP connection. In Horde see ./imp/config/servers.php for configuration examples and configuration of your SMTP-server connectivity. In most setups it is not required that you have to use the personal credentials of the WebMail user (and at least in some Horde has no access to it) to get his email sent.

best regards,


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