[horde] YQL and horde

roman stachura roman at stachura.ch
Mon Aug 23 06:37:24 UTC 2010

  Am 23.08.2010 03:51, schrieb Chuck Hagenbuch:
> Quoting roman stachura <roman at stachura.ch>:
>> Hi Horde Team.
>> In the next few weeks I will create some yql open tables for horde.
>> http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/
>> - first step: kronolith
>> I hope to get some extra speed through caching and cdn.
>> Are there already any thought about yql around?
> I'd looked at it, but I hadn't looked at open tables. So would this be 
> a way of using yql to talk to a specific Horde install? 
Yes, this way we can build our own tables, to maintain horde-API and all 
the applications.

Opentables are organised over github. So we can easily "Pull a Request" 
that allows us to send back changes from our fork to the main YQL 
This way we can access the tables over CDN.


But anyway, why is horde not on github?

Github is awesome, and yql will blow your mid.

I let you know as soon as I got some working examples.

> Sounds very interesting - definitely keep us posted on what you do. 
> And if you can show any more details/examples of how this would work 
> I'd love to see them.
> Thanks,
> -chuck

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