[horde] Regular Expression Filter of recipients

Philippe Faure philippe at faure.ca
Mon Oct 11 14:48:03 UTC 2010

Thanks for your suggestions.

Unfortunately, I don't know the answers to your questions.  I am a  
user, not the administrator for this system.

I will review the SPAM filters that I do have. Thanks for your help.


Quoting Niels Dettenbach <nd at syndicat.com>:

> It depends from which filter driver you are using for ingo (i assume  
> you mean ingo with filtering) - afaik not all drivers are regex  
> capable.
> I.e. if you filter with ingo / SIEVE (we mainly use SIEVE / Cyrus)  
> you have to consult the SIEVE specification for regex details and  
> the SIEVE documentation of your Mailers SIEVE subsystem if and how  
> far it provides SIEVE and SIEVE regexes. Same may happen if you are  
> using procmailrc or others where the regexes are to interpret by the  
> mailer.
> If filters are not working in general you have to check too that  
> your ingos backend is working.
> Without any technical details about the ingo backend in use probably  
> no one could help you here.
> If you really think such a delete rule is a good idea - other options are:
>  - to add a (i.e. more general) rule to your anti spam subsystem  
> (for all users?) or
>  - to the mailer (MTA/LDA) directly.
> I'm just wondering if you currently get such kind of spam through if  
> you really have a working spam filter - in system's i've seen such  
> stuff is filtered out with typically high scores by other reasons.  
> Another trick is/was to "encode" some chars within a email address  
> to bypass special regex filters (but no mailer should accept such  
> stuff).
> So i would recommend to review your mailer and spam filter solution,  
> tuning or give him further data sources - especially if you plan to  
> delete spam without any bounce or manual on review on one AND you  
> rely on email communication on the other hand.
> Cheers,
> Niels.
> ---
> http://www.dettenbach.de

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