[horde] Regular Expression Filter of recipients

Niels Dettenbach nd at syndicat.com
Mon Oct 11 05:45:18 UTC 2010

It depends from which filter driver you are using for ingo (i assume you mean ingo with filtering) - afaik not all drivers are regex capable.

I.e. if you filter with ingo / SIEVE (we mainly use SIEVE / Cyrus) you have to consult the SIEVE specification for regex details and the SIEVE documentation of your Mailers SIEVE subsystem if and how far it provides SIEVE and SIEVE regexes. Same may happen if you are using procmailrc or others where the regexes are to interpret by the mailer.

If filters are not working in general you have to check too that your ingos backend is working.

Without any technical details about the ingo backend in use probably no one could help you here.

If you really think such a delete rule is a good idea - other options are: 
 - to add a (i.e. more general) rule to your anti spam subsystem (for all users?) or 
 - to the mailer (MTA/LDA) directly. 

I'm just wondering if you currently get such kind of spam through if you really have a working spam filter - in system's i've seen such stuff is filtered out with typically high scores by other reasons. Another trick is/was to "encode" some chars within a email address to bypass special regex filters (but no mailer should accept such stuff).

So i would recommend to review your mailer and spam filter solution, tuning or give him further data sources - especially if you plan to delete spam without any bounce or manual on review on one AND you rely on email communication on the other hand.



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