[horde] horde-webmail , blackberry/iphone compatible ?

Simon Brereton simon.brereton at dada.net
Tue Oct 26 12:16:19 UTC 2010

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> (sorry for my tofu here)


> Dear Simon,
> just btw: Is funambol still required on (older / newer) the BBs or
> did they work directly with SyncML and / or XML/DAV now? I remember
> that users had to install an older version of funambol to get it to
> work.

Actually, I was referring to actually using the http interface.  I've only ever used Funambol with Android (and I have issues there)..

> It would be nice to hav any open Wiki page/area or something like
> that where current compatibilities and end user usage instructions
> could be collected from the community. Yes, i know there is still a
> HOWTO and some older examples, but most of them are not up2date or
> not end user friendly.

I couldn't agree more..

> We still use horde on different Nokia phones (mainly E90) with SyncML
> and (partly) Funambol (which seems more unstable then the native
> SyncML client of the E90) - on on mobile clients there are mainly
> users of lightning (calendaring).
> I see mobile groupware functionality at all as one of the importanst
> thing in the success of newer / further hordes.

I couldn't agree more!


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