[horde] New messages are not in Bold

smd at pagination.com.au smd at pagination.com.au
Wed Oct 27 22:34:17 UTC 2010

>>> Dear List! [New to this and not sure how to go about this]
>>> Having problems with Imp H3 (4.1.6) in that all the messages in an
>>> inbox [read or unread] are shown in light print. Horde running on
>>> another server has the unread messages highlighted in bold.
>> Are you accessing the same Mail box from different Horde Installations?
>> I think this problem is related to IMAP and not Horde.
> And are you using IMAP at all, or maybe POP3 instead?
>>> Is this a user setting, or something that can be set on the server??
> Jan.

I have a shared server [with several clients] using Horde ok where users are 
asked for . .
User Name, Password, Language and after logon new messages are in bold.

I also have just got a new VPS and the users here are asked for . .
Server [POP3 Server is already selected], User Name, Password, Language and 
after logon new messages are NOT in bold.
[Selecting IMAP Server does not allow them to logon]

Selecting whether the server is POP3 or IMAP is presumably done a bit deeper 
. . I've had a look through the Plesk control panel I have but can't find 
anything there . . so is it in IIS somewhere [getting a bit out of my 

Can I configure the POP3 server to make the new messages bold?

Many thanks

Stephen Davey 

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