[horde] Webmail 1.2.8 : Ingo : accentuated characters bad encoding ?

Gerard Breiner gerard.breiner at ias.u-psud.fr
Wed Jan 19 14:23:04 UTC 2011


Webmail 1.2..8 Horde 3.3.10 Ingo 1.2.5 PHP 5.3 on Debian Squeeze

My vacation message seems to have a bad encoding...
Here is the content of my vacation.msg that ingo has written....

=?utf-8?b?w6kg?= =?utf-8?b?w6Ag?= =?utf-8?b?w6cg?= =?utf-8?b?w68g?= 

whereas my vacation message was "é à ç ï è".

Thanks in advance for any help....


PS : Ingo test :
Ingo Version

    * Ingo: H3 (1.2.5)

Other Horde Applications

    * imp: Yes (Version: H3 (4.3.9))

PHP Version

    * PHP Version: 5.3.3-6
    * PHP Major Version: 5.3
    * PHP Minor Version: 3
    * PHP Subminor Version: 6
    * PHP Version Classification: release
    * This version of PHP has not been fully tested with this version of Horde.

PHP Module Capabilities

    * FTP Support: Yes
    * IMAP Support: Yes
    * SSH2 Support: Yes

PEAR Modules

    * PEAR Search Path (PHP's include_path):  /www/horde-webmail-1.2.8/lib:/www/horde-webmail-1.2.8/lib/../pear/php
    * PEAR: Yes
    * Recent PEAR: Yes
    * Net_Socket: Yes
    * Net_Sieve: Yes

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