[horde] error sending message

Alain DEFRANCE alain.defrance at univ-evry.fr
Fri Feb 18 10:01:43 UTC 2011

Hello, all (excuse my poor english...)

my horde installation works correctly now
(horde groupware webmail edition 1.2.9
but i've an error when sending message

Une erreur est survenue lors de l'envoi du message : Failed to set
sender: alain.defrance at univ-evry.fr [SMTP: Invalid response code
received from server (code: 501, response: #5.5.2 syntax error 'MAIL
FROM:<alain.defrance at univ-evry.fr> ')]
*my smtp server works fine with another horde installation...*
*where can i search for this error ?*
*thanks a lot*



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