[horde] SSL option not present in Passwd Sql driver

Muzammel Asghar muzammel.linux at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 19:05:52 UTC 2011

Hi Guys

I am using Horde (3.3.9) and i setup the Passwd H3 (3.1.3) module to change
passwords, as per my setup i am using mysql server for postix mysql
database, which is present on remote host database server. I want passwd
changes the password using SSL as per security concerns, i like encryption.

Now Passwd is working f9 but i not found any option in backends.php file in
sql driver to force SSL. What options are require for SQL driver to foce
SSL. Here below my backends.php file sjows the backend i use

$backends['postfixadmin'] = array (
    'name' => 'Postfix Admin server',
    'preferred' => 'SELECTED',
    'password policy' => array(
        'minLength' => 6,
        'maxLength' => 20,
        'maxSpace' => 0,
        'minUpper' => 1,
        'minLower' => 1,
        'minNumeric' => 1,
        'minSymbol' => 1
    'driver' => 'sql',
    'params' => array(
        'phptype'    => 'mysql',
        'hostspec'   => 'Remote DB Server',
        'username'   => 'dbuser',
        'password'   => 'dbpass',
        'encryption' => 'crypt-md5',
        'database'   => 'postfix',
        'table'      => 'mailbox',
        'user_col'   => 'username',
        'pass_col'   => 'password',
        'show_encryption' => false,

etc etc

So please suggest. what i need to do to allow passwd to force SSL ?


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