[horde] Bug in Horde 4.0 RC and IMP 5.0 RC2

Juan C. Blanco jcblanco at fi.upm.es
Sat Apr 2 16:40:06 UTC 2011

Hello again, I have now installed and working the New Horde + IMP

I'm having some problems while testing, I don't know if this are bugs

First, when replying a message I obtain this log errors

Apr  2 16:44:36 xweb HORDE: HORDE [imp] Could not log message details to 
Horde_History. Error returned: QUERY FAILED: Column 'history_action' 
cannot be null  INSERT INTO horde_histories (object_uid, history_ts, 
history_who, history_desc, history_action, history_extra) VALUES 
('imp.d0122.<4755A7F6.1030501 at fi.upm.es>', 1301755476, 'd0122', NULL, 
NULL, NULL) [pid 4834 on line 66 of 

Apr  2 18:21:55 xweb HORDE: HORDE [imp] PHP ERROR: Illegal offset type 
[pid 6293 on line 89 of "/srv/www/htdocs/horde/imp/lib/Indices.php"]

I think that the first error is a bug, in horde/imp/lib/Compose.php 
there are calls to the log funcion of imp/lib/Maillog.php and of 
imp/lib/Sentmail/Base.php booth funcions seems to need a string for 
"type" and "action" parameters, however the function buildAndSendMessage 
was calling both with $this->_replyType which is a integer value in 
lines 603, 608 and 617

I'm not indentified the second error.

I'm having also other problem; when I forward or reply a message I think 
that the flags ANSWERED or REPLYED must be added to the original 
message, however that is true wiht Dynamic interface (DIMP) but not true 
with the traditional interface.

Juan C. Blanco

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