[horde] New website online

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Fri Apr 8 19:12:09 UTC 2011

Thanks for the feedback. We will look at improving the wording and/or links.

Simon Brereton <simon.brereton at dada.net> wrote:

From: Michael J Rubinsky Like http://www.horde.org/apps or do you mean something else? -- Yes, exactly! I think this should be in the strip on the top right between Home and Downloads... Either that, or the call out in the community block should be reworded - I had no idea going to Community would give me the app descriptions (I thought it would tell me more about the mailing lists and sites that use Horde, so I never even clicked on it). Simon -- Horde mailing list Frequently Asked Questions: http://horde.org/faq/ To unsubscribe, mail: horde-unsubscribe at lists.horde.org 

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