[horde] Horde 4 misc problems

Louis-Philippe Allard lp.allard.1 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 00:44:32 UTC 2011

So I finally installed Horde 4 and started to use it.  I however face
a few important glitches and wonder if I mis-configured it (wouldn't
be surprised of this) or maybe there is some bugs (!?)

First problem is with the interfaces.  When I point to
http://$SERVERIP/horde4/login.php I am presented with the login page.
I am using GMail's imap server as my authentication engine.  I enter
my GMail username/password and proceed to the main Horde page.  SO far
so good.  Then, if I click on the Mail shortcut in the browser on the
left, I am presented with a new login page.  Entering my GMail
credentials does not work.  Its like if IMP and Horde were separate
programs...  In Horde 3, once I logged in at first, I could navigate
everywhere without re-logging again... Whats wrong?

Second problem is with the Contacts.  When I try to import my contacts
from Outlook, Horde import wizard ask me to select a CSV file, I
select the file and then I click next.  Then I am presented with Step
2, I accept the settings.  Then Step 3, I am asked to select a field
imported from the source file at the left, and the matching field
available in my address book at the right.   The problem is that the
list on the left is empty.  I cant continue.  Any idea?

Third problem is also with the contacts.  Simply, how do I delete a
picture in a contact?

Last problem is a major one.  I had Horde 3 running perfectly.  TO
reuse my Contacts, calendar events, tasks, etc, I reused the SQL
database.  What I did is I installed Horde 4, configured to use the
existing DB and updated the Database fields during the setup (config)
phase.  All went without errors.  Now, my contacts all seems fine, but
my calendar is all screwed up.  The events changed hours but seems to
have remained the same day.  For example, if I has an appointement
scheduled for June 7 2011 from 14:00 to 16:00, now it is the same day,
but from 08:00 to 10:00.... Again, any idea how to recover this mess?

Thanks to all!!!

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