[horde] Error after upgrading from RC2 to FINAL

Patrick Domack patrickdk at patrickdk.com
Sat Apr 9 02:14:19 UTC 2011

Quoting Louis-Philippe Allard <lp.allard.1 at gmail.com>:

> Priz <horde <at> basicnets.co.uk> writes:
>> > Hello, I've just upgraded from the RC2 to FINAL version of Horde 4.0
>> > and IMP 5.0
>>  ...
>> > In the Dynamic Mode I can see the icons of the message flags, but
>> > whenever I delete or restore a message I receive an alert that shows
>> > "Error when communicating with the server"
>> This is also consistent with what I am seeing.  Glad to read I am not
>> the only one seeing this.  If you find a solution please post it to
>> the list.
>> Thanks
>> Priz
> I am also seeing "Error when communicating with the server" whenever I try
> to modify or add an event in kronolith.
> That is consistent with what I was saying: importing my horde 3 DB to
> horde 4 messed up everything in kronolith.

Sounds like more localtime to UTC time conversion issues.  I only had  
all day events in mine before the conversion, and have been using the  
activesync interface for it, and it works great. I'll have to look and  
see if I have any uses using it, but I don't think so, that I can play  

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