[horde] Conflicting versions of horde-db-migrate in Horde_Db and horde4

Ralf Lang lang at b1-systems.de
Fri Apr 22 12:17:28 UTC 2011

Both horde4 4.0.1 and Horde_Db 1.0.1 sport a file horde-db-migrate which (on 
first look) seem to be different versions of the same tool. Both want to be 
installed into the same part of the "script" role.

On my system, this results in a conflict.

Which of these should be used? 
I tend to use the horde4 version because it's bigger, it's installed later 
(overwrites the Horde_Db version) and seems to do the job.

Is the script in horde_db rolled out on purpose?

Happy Easter


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