[horde] Kronolith events not visible after H4 upgrade

Poyner, Brandon bpoyner at ccac.edu
Tue May 31 18:41:16 UTC 2011

>> I believe none of our users are actually sharing their calendars at  
>> this time.
> ...but you should still have entries in the kronolith_shares table (or  
> the horde_datatree table, but you stated in your previous email you  
> were not using datatree).

Mike, thanks for your reply (you too, Simon).  I'm honestly trying to understand what's going on here.

Both kronolith_shares and horde_datatree exist as tables, but neither has any records.  

[root at webmail docs]# echo 'select count(*) from kronolith_shares'  | mysql -u horde -p horde
Enter password:
[root at webmail docs]# echo 'select count(*) from horde_datatree'  | mysql -u horde -p horde
Enter password:
[root at webmail docs]# echo 'select count(*) from kronolith_events'  | mysql -u horde -p horde
Enter password:

> Something is broken on your install then. *All* internal kronolith  
> calendars are represented by shares - regardless of whether or not the  
> users choose to share them.

The only rows I'm finding on our mysql database for kronolith shares look like this:

INSERT INTO `horde_prefs` VALUES ('user at acd.ccac.edu','kronolith','default_share','user at acd.ccac.edu');

In other words the pref_value always matches the pref_uid.   However only a fraction of calendar users has such a row. 

> > horde/config/conf.php:$conf['share']['no_sharing'] = false;
> > horde/config/conf.php:$conf['share']['any_group'] = false;
> > horde/config/conf.php:$conf['share']['cache'] = false;
> > horde/config/conf.php:$conf['share']['driver'] = 'datatree';

> ...and this is the problem. You *are* using datatree. The datatree  
> shares need to be converted to Sql shares *before* the migration  
> scripts are run.

I agree that datatree is enabled, but I'm missing if or how it is being used.   The 
kronolith-convert-datatree-shares-to-sql will seemingly find nothing to convert.  I've
tried running it and it didn't make any difference in my upgrade attempts.


Brandon Poyner
Network Engineer III
CCAC - College Office

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