[horde] Kronolith events not visible after H4 upgrade

Michael Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Tue May 31 18:57:19 UTC 2011

Quoting "Poyner, Brandon" <bpoyner at ccac.edu>:

>>> I believe none of our users are actually sharing their calendars at
>>> this time.
>> ...but you should still have entries in the kronolith_shares table (or
>> the horde_datatree table, but you stated in your previous email you
>> were not using datatree).
> Mike, thanks for your reply (you too, Simon).  I'm honestly trying  
> to understand what's going on here.
> Both kronolith_shares and horde_datatree exist as tables, but  
> neither has any records.
> [root at webmail docs]# echo 'select count(*) from kronolith_shares'  |  
> mysql -u horde -p horde
> Enter password:
> count(*)
> [root at webmail docs]# echo 'select count(*) from horde_datatree'  |  
> mysql -u horde -p horde
> Enter password:
> count(*)
> [root at webmail docs]# echo 'select count(*) from kronolith_events'  |  
> mysql -u horde -p horde
> Enter password:
> count(*)
> 7805
>> Something is broken on your install then. *All* internal kronolith
>> calendars are represented by shares - regardless of whether or not the
>> users choose to share them.
> The only rows I'm finding on our mysql database for kronolith shares  
> look like this:
> INSERT INTO `horde_prefs` VALUES  
> ('user at acd.ccac.edu','kronolith','default_share','user at acd.ccac.edu');

Yup. In these cases, the share_name in the share storage would be  
user's email.

> In other words the pref_value always matches the pref_uid.   However  
> only a fraction of calendar users has such a row.
>> > horde/config/conf.php:$conf['share']['no_sharing'] = false;
>> > horde/config/conf.php:$conf['share']['any_group'] = false;
>> > horde/config/conf.php:$conf['share']['cache'] = false;
>> > horde/config/conf.php:$conf['share']['driver'] = 'datatree';
>> ...and this is the problem. You *are* using datatree. The datatree
>> shares need to be converted to Sql shares *before* the migration
>> scripts are run.
> I agree that datatree is enabled, but I'm missing if or how it is  
> being used.   The
> kronolith-convert-datatree-shares-to-sql will seemingly find nothing  
> to convert.  I've
> tried running it and it didn't make any difference in my upgrade attempts

So, you are saying that in your Horde 3 install, there are *no* rows  
in the horde_datatree table for the Horde 3 database, even though  
shares are enabled, and configured to use datatree?

This makes no sense to me. Once a user navigates to kronolith (or any  
other share-enabled application for that matter), a new share is  
created for that user's "default" share if it doesn't already exist.

The only thing I can think of, other than dataloss in your database,  
is that the user's preferences were automatically created somehow, but  
the user has never actually used kronolith.

Maybe another dev has some other ideas...


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