[horde] another try | imp menu.php

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at wavenet.at
Wed Jun 1 18:06:52 UTC 2011

Am 01.06.2011 19:40 schrieb Jan Schneider:
> Zitat von Martin Hochreiter <linuxbox at wavenet.at>:
>> Hi!
>> I added a link to the imp menu and want the link (at least) to
>> be opened in a new window .. but neither javascript or target - blank
>> is working:
>>  $_menu['passwort'] = array(
>>        'url' =>        'https://www.domain.tld/dienstplan/chpwd.php',
>>        'text' =>       'Passwort',
>>        'icon' =>  'passwd.png',
>>        'target' =>     '_blank',
>>    );
>> Can somebody give me a hint please?
>> (Horde & imp in the latest version)
> In which IMP interface? What exactly do you mean with "is not working"?
> Jan.
I added this to the menu.php in the imp/config/ folder to get a new
menu entry that opens a site i need in a new blank window - or a open it by
javascript with the alternative javascript code (like in the example in 

It is not working because the window always opens in the same window as 
the whole
horde-imp and if you read the source code, there is no target="_blank" 
as I would expect
from my configuration in  menu.php


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