[horde] Major problem with Kronolith

Richard Heggs richard at ingenitor.net
Mon Jun 13 14:29:07 UTC 2011

Thanks Mike.

I've had to revert to Horde3 for the time being, but I am going to set  
up a separate environment on Wednesday (I hope), and go through the  
whole migration again.  This time I'll test everything *myself* so  
that I know it has been tested.

I'll make an exact note of the steps I take, and post it to the list.

(fwiw at this point, the old database is still using datatree for  
kronolith events - I was going to migrate away from that once I was  
satisfied that the upgrade had settled down.  Perhaps I should migrate  
datatree before the upgrade.)


Quoting Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting Richard Heggs <richard at ingenitor.net>:
>> Hi All,
>> I'd like to revise my early statement about everything going well  
>> with the upgrade. :(
>> I have a problem with Kronolith.  Two problems, in fact.
>> Problem #1: I can't add events to my calendar.  When I click on the  
>> "add new event" widget, I get a small form with one field (no  
>> opportunity to choose date and time, or anything else).  When I  
>> click "save", I get the error "Cannot parse event description".
> I assume you are talking about a) The dynamic view and b) the quick  
> event add feature. If you click on the small calendar icon next to  
> the "New Event" text, it opens a small box with a single text field  
> (and some instructive text). You type in natural language text such  
> as "Dinner with Mom tonight at 8PM". If you want to enter a new  
> event using the full event detail box, either click on the "New  
> Event" text itself, or click on the calendar view on the day (or  
> hour) that you want the event to start.
> If my assumptions are wrong, please provide more detail.
>> Problem #2: I can't see any of the events that were created before  
>> the upgrade, either.  They are present in the kronolith_events  
>> table, but not displayed on my calendar.
> Are there any errors in the horde log? Any javascript errors on the  
> console? Did you switch share backends during the upgrade? Which  
> backend were you previously using? If you look at the share table,  
> does the share name match the calendar name in the events table?
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