[horde] contact SyncXML & fanambol on android

Jeff Cook jcook at 5xdata.com
Mon Jun 13 19:46:38 UTC 2011

Here is my setup

Horde: 4.0.5
IMP: 5.0.6
Turba: 3.0.3
Horde_synXML: Installed

I have syncxml working I am able to sync calendar fine and contacts do  
sync, but the problem I have is when I sync Contacts in only send the  
title - name and then the first record in the database.
So if I have a contact:
Name - Joe Smith
Address -1234 street
Phone - 1616-555-1212

All I would receive is name & address no phone number. I have turn on  
debug and did a sync but I did not see and errors. The only thing I  
did see was "wbxml: no".

Jeff Cook

"people are using toy operating systems, which is what we're all sitting
in front of, I mean, Windows is a toy."  - Steve Gibson

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