[horde] passwd H4 polishing for release - Requirements and directions?

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Wed Jun 15 10:47:43 UTC 2011

Zitat von Ralf Lang <lang at b1-systems.de>:

> Am Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011, 20:23:00 schrieb Eric Jon Rostetter:
>> Quoting Ralf Lang <lang at b1-systems.de>:
>> > I've been toying around with the unreleased passwd from git.
>> Thanks.  Are you submitting back to git?
> The changes are already in git.
> http://git.horde.org/horde-git/-/browse/passwd/?ws=1
>> > For its main purpose, changing the user's horde account pw, passwd
>> > doesn't need to be a separate app (as said in the roadmap).
>> Yes, but I would hope we could keep it doing more than just that.
> Me too.
>> > But passwd is/was more generic and could be configured to change any
>> > password in a given infrastructure independent of Horde. Such a feature
>> > should be a separate app and not live somewhere under options or
>> > preferences. This could evolve into a generic password/credentials
>> > manager but is a completely different story.
>> And an interesting one, though I'm not sure who if anyone would want to
>> work on it (so it may never happen).
> I had done some work out of tree for re-implementing eleusis from cvs.
> This has just stalled because there were more urgent tasks.
>> > I am not sure what is needed for a proper passwd H4 3.2 release but
>> > I've found
>> >
>> > the following items:
>> >  * convert the ldap backend to Horde_Ldap
>> >  * Make sure the composite backend uses the injector instead of the base
>> >
>> > class' factory method
>> >
>> >  * remove that method
>> >  * make sure things like Horde_Vfs are included via injector
>> Would certainly be a good start (and work for me, since I use it with the
>> ldap backend).
> We are currently using it with the hordeauth backend, and hordeauth is
> actually ldap. SQL has also been tested.
>  * TODO: Add horde_test unit tests to passwd.
>> > I think I could basically do that before H4.1 but passwd ships a lot of
>> > backends and I doubt I can build the infrastructure to test them all
>> > properly.
>> If you have horde, sql, and ldap complete, it could probably ship.  We
>> could see about removing some of the older, less used drivers too.
>> Others could be released if we at least think they should work, and we
>> can fix bugs with them as they are reported.  horde/sql/ldap should
>> cover most people...  Be nice if composite worked too, but probably not
>> a show stopper.  The kolab folks could probably help get the kolab driver
>> working.  I'd certainly not be opposed to dropping some drivers (like
>> pine, servuftp, etc) and shipping with untested ones (like expect,
>> procopen, vpopmail, vmailmgr, etc).  As long as we have some well tested
>> popular ones together (sql, ldap, etc).
> [..]
>> Some could just be dropped (until someone wants to pay for them?).
> Sure - open source does not mean people shouldn't pay for special needs.

We should still convert the existing drivers to H4 blindly. Otherwise  
the code would diverge too much over time. It's sufficient if the code  
looks correct and parses. Users of those drivers can do tests with  
production environments then.

>> The plan has been to drop/integrate it for 4-5 years now, and I don't
>> think anyone has started yet.  So I would say, if we can, we should
>> maintain it as-is until someone at least starts the integrate it with the
>> intent of replacing it.  So I would say we should indeed try to port it.
> Yes. Anything released and tested and official is better than people grabbing
> git snapshots for production and horde not officially having a  
> password change
> utility.
>> > Any comments welcome.
>> I can help later this year, but I've got a June 20th deadline to meet which
>> is consuming 110% of my time right now (and will probably continue to take
>> 50% of my time for a while after the deadline).  So I might be able to help
>> with this come mid/late July...
> Meanwhile I can see how far I get.
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