[horde] Horde Groupware 4

info at pcbase.eu info at pcbase.eu
Wed Jun 15 12:19:48 UTC 2011

 Solved it by adding a subdomain to my dns and configuring apache to 
 listen on it. However I still keep getting an empty admin page. I 
 checked the FAQ and my Horde Base_dir setting is correct, I also entered 
 the right path when running the scripts. What can be wrong?  The apache 
 error log says that js/hordetree.js is missing.

 On Wed, 15 Jun 2011 13:41:44 +0200, info at pcbase.eu wrote:
> I just succesfully installed Horde Groupware 4, made an alias for
> /webmail to /usr/share/php/www/horde/ but when I go to
> mydomain.com/webmail, it redirects me to mydomain.com . I think I 
> need
> something like a rewriterule, but not sure. Can you please help me 
> out
> on this? Checked the FAQ's but the answer is not in there. Thanks in
> advance!

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