[horde] Horde Groupware 4

stephan at admin.nabira.de stephan at admin.nabira.de
Thu Jun 16 08:04:14 UTC 2011

Zitat von info at pcbase.eu:

> Solved it by adding a subdomain to my dns and configuring apache to  
> listen on it. However I still keep getting an empty admin page. I  
> checked the FAQ and my Horde Base_dir setting is correct, I also  
> entered the right path when running the scripts. What can be wrong?   
> The apache error log says that js/hordetree.js is missing.
For all I can tell you this has something to do with pear installing  
the files in the wrong directory as is currently being discussed in  
the "Sidebar has disappeared.."-Thread.

Did you run horde_role in the first place? (See Install-Notes and do  
it again if not)
If yes: Did you do a clean install or upgrade a previously installed  
Horde4? (If upgrade see the mentioned Thread).


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