[horde] Upgrading from Groupware Webmail Edition 1.2.x to the new 4.0

Gordon Dickens gordon at dickens.com
Thu Jun 16 03:26:22 UTC 2011

I would like to upgrade one of my servers from Groupware Webmail Edition 
1.2.x to the new 4.0 version and I have a few questions.

First, according to the UPGRADE file I should follow the instructions in 
the INSTALL file to install the most recent Horde Groupware Webmail 
Edition version using the PEAR installer.  I have successfully installed 
the software on my server using the PEAR installer and I then ran 
"webmail-install".  My questions are as follows:

1) How do I preserve the settings contained in the various 
config/conf.php files for all of the existing 1.2.x applications?  That 
is, should I copy my old conf.php files over to the target installation 
directory prior to or after doing the PEAR installation or what?

2) The "webmail-install" script sets up parameters that were already 
specified in the existing 1.2.x installation and it also tries to build 
a new database, however, since I am upgrading from 1.2.x, the database 
already exists from the current installation.  Is there a 
"webmail-upgrade" script or some other way to upgrade that uses the 
existing paramaters specified in "webmail-install" and does not try to 
build a new database?

3) How do I specify the administrator user names prior to first time 

Many thanks in advance!

Gordon Dickens

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